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What Insiders are Saying about Things Remembered

Things Remembered in Marietta, GA


By Anne G.

Things REmembered is one of my favorite stores to find gifts. They have something for everyone! Youn or old, man or woman. Getting something personalized there adds the special touch to make the gift special. Helpful staff for choosing just the right one!

Things Remembered in Swansea, MA


By barbara m.

This is a great store, I went here for one of my daughters birthday presents as well as my sons graduation gift and they both LOVED them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a unique place to get a gift!

Things Remembered in Arlington Heights, IL


By Jackie G.

I love to give personalized gifts and Things Remembered is such a great place to get the engraving done. You don't even have to purchase the item at the store to have it engraved. While you are waiting for the engraving, you can just walk around the mall. They have always done a very nice job with personalizations.

Things Remembered in Mansfield, TX


By Debra D.

Things remembered is a perfect place to find that special gift for say a wedding or anniversary. The staff is very friendly and helpful and any item can be made personal with engraving.

Things Remembered in Friendswood, TX


By Katrina C.

I have purchased several items from this store, and the online website, and they have all been perfect! The quality is amazing! I would recommend this store to anybody who is looking for the perfect gift for just about anyone one your list.

Things Remembered in Las Vegas, NM


By angela m.

Things Remembered is the best store to come to for all your personalized gifts and items. You can get all type of gifts here, like, birthdays, anniversarys, graduations, weddings, etc. Everything is organized and grouped together, by occasion. Store clerks are friendly here and offer to help when you browse.

Things Remembered in Valencia, CA


By Soha M.

Things Remembered is the place to go to shop for elegant, stylish presents for weddings, graduations, birthdays or any even worth remembering. Just walking about the store, gives me ideas for gifts for future events. Staff is also very helpful and takes the time to answer questions and make recommendations.

Things Remembered in Livingston, AL


By Nicole W.

You can find great gifts here for showers, birthdays, graduations, and maybe even weddings. I find if I do not know what to get someone, this is the place to go. They specialize in personalizing gifts, so you can get all types of stuff engraved. I have a cute jewelry box that someone bought from here and engraved my name on it for me. You can buy personalized champagne flutes, trinket boxes, photo frames, mugs, a poker set, friendship bracelets or miniature clocks, and it doesn't take long for them to engrave your gift. This store is truly a delight.

Things Remembered in Medford, NJ


By kimberlee b.

this place has all the camera equipment you ever dreamed of the parking is good the prices are ok and the shop is always clean the staff are friendly and very helpful they have bargains they have so much to offer you wont need to go else where this shop saves me time when i have to shop for camera equipment i am glad its very close to home i do and will recomend this place to all my family and friends and co workers you have to come see for your self very nice business keep up the good work

Things Remembered in San Mateo, CA


By Jace C.

Even though Things Remembered does have some nice things, i would not recommend this store because you can likely find the same items at another store for a cheaper price.

Things Remembered in Federal Way, WA


By Leona M.

This shop is highly recommended to anyone who wants nothing less but the best gift they can give to their loved ones.

Things Remembered in Springfield, VA


By Sue C.

Have had a good experience with the store for the few times I have been there. The Manager esp. is very helpful. She works with you to choose an appropriate gift . I appreciate this because I usually have a tough time deciding what to purchase.