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What Insiders are Saying about Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster in Providence, KY


By Julie H.

I used Ticketmaster only once and it was not a good experience. I was on the phone which seemed like forever and never talked to anyone it was all automated. It ended up that we did not need to buy our tickets that way because the show was not sold out so in the long run we payed more for our tickets. I hopefully do not have to use them again.

Ticketmaster in Chicago, IL


By Brenda R.

i purchase ticket for the UniverSoul Circus on line i went to the retail location to pick up the tickets and found out i can't get the tickets until 1hr before the show starts which really sucks now i have to stand in a long line for them to print my tickets which defeat the purpose of buyin on line from ticketmaster in the first place never again i will just go the place next time and buy my tickets a head of time and have them given to me right then i would not tell anyone to order off line or on the phone from ticketmaster they service really sucks

Ticketmaster in Dallas, GA


By A.G. B.

I bought tickets on the Live Nation website had no information on retail locations where I can pick up my tickets. So, I started a search for Ticketmaster locations in my area and that lead me to the Insider Pages. Unfortunately, no one has not updated this local retail location in over a year either This location is no longer open. Ticketmaster where are you?

Ticketmaster in New York, NY


By Devin R.

Ticketmaster is just what it's name says. They have fast service and friendly staff. I always go here for all my ticket purchasing needs and am always more than satisfied with the service I recieve. You can even order online or by phone! I love it!

Ticketmaster in San Diego, CA


By Peter L.

This place is pretty much pointless now since you can buy tickets to a show online now. However, if know a show will sell out within the first few minutes, this place might be the place to go cause you don't have to dell with laggy internet connection. you also get your ticket right away which is cool since I sometimes have other things that come out that disable me from going to an event.

Ticketmaster in San Francisco, CA


By Lisa H.

I went to this particular Ticketmaster to buy tickets for a concert that I wanted to go to. I had to wait in lines, which was pretty reasonable, however, the employee that was working was not as nice as he could have been. He wasn't rude, but, it could have been better.

Ticketmaster in Baltimore, MD


By Lee J.

I just got off the phone with them. They are the most unfriendly people the agent slammed the phone in my ear. She should not be working anywhere that deals with the public!!!!!!!!! I will not ever use them even if I would have to pay more for tickets.