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What Insiders are Saying about Toys R US

Toys R US in Buford, GA


By Lakessia (2-Sharpless) T.

My daughter was searching high and low for this game boy game. The Toys R Us in my home town did not have it but this particular one did. This store is much bigger than the one in my home town, and much more organized and a lot cleanrer.

Toys R US in Warwick, GA


By Amanda C.

Toys R Us has to be the best toy store in the world in my opinion. They have all of the latest releases and their prices are exceptional. They have a great section of board games and electronics also.

Toys R US in Chicago, IL


By melissa p.

I am in love toys r us I can find every thing i need under one roof if i need diapers i can get that and the crib stroller and then by some movies maybe some babyclothes and of course toys and for all the women that have a big kid at home some video games (your husband)

Toys R US in Frisco, CO


By Amber S.

I attended a party with my son last weekend. The hostesses for the party were awesome both of them were very engaging with the kids. Geoffrey made a visit to the party and the kids loved him! I would recommend Toys R Us in Frisco for a birthday party. They were the best!

Toys R US in Las Vegas, NM


By angela p.

I found the staff to be friendly and knowledgable regarding their products. The wait for the products was long because the items came from the warehouse. But all my questions regarding the items were answered and at one point a manager was entering the stock room to go off duty but he took the time to assist me. The employees assisted me in taking my items to the truck and they loaded them for me. PROS: Friendly cheerful atmosphere CONS: Waiting for merchandise to come from the warechouse

Toys R US in La Mirada, CA


By Laurie W.

Toys R Us is my favorite toy store! This is a big store that seems to be a secret since it's always dead. I can whip right into a front parking spot. Every time someone tells me they can't find a toy because they are sold out I go hop in my car and this store usually has hard to find items still in stock. They have some nice clearance sales too from time to time. PROS: Has everything CONS: none

Toys R US in San Diego, CA


By Kraig K.

This store is special. You can find all toys you love. If you are a gamer, there are also games here for sale. You would not get disappointed.

Toys R US in Daly City, CA


By Stacy M.

This is a big huge toy store, but it's also old and not very kept up. Often messy and hard to find what you're looking for. But still a gigantic selection of all kinds of toys... PROS: CONS: Messy and disorganized...

Toys R US in Lynnwood, WA


By Michelle B.

From fantastic sales to coupons and such. A prent couldn't ask for a better place to do shopping for the kids. From clothes to video games and everything in the middle. Great parking always lots of registers open and fantastic customer service. I suggest this for parents who remember being a kid.

Toys R US in Laurel, DE


By Ann R.

Very clean toys r us, everything is in place no mess in isles. never crowded, very huge store. Large selection for games, dvd's & toys. plenty parking as well.