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Trader Joe's is a grocery store and much, much more. Offering basics like mild and butter, to imported cheeses, organic produce, and other exotic fare. Find Trader Joe's locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's in Atlanta, GA


By Sarah M.

I love going to Trader Joe's and this location is so very convenient ( I work close by) for me. I have a little problem with the parking lot, but the store more than makes up for it once I get inside. The staff is always friendly and helpful and I love the complimentary coffee. A choice between Kroger and Trader Joe's and it is no competition!!

Trader Joe's in Tyngsboro, MA


By A N.

I LOVE this store. The food is excellent and the prices are comparable if not lower than the major grocery stores in the area. What I love the most is that my daughter (4) and I are on a first name basis with most of the people who work there. They have been so kind and friendly, even giving us a sample of an item on the shelf at no charge so that I could try it first. My daughter was also given a flower pin by an employee which totally made her day. They are clean, well staffed, I never have to wait in line, and I love the food there. Now if only nicer people would shop there it would be utopia!

Trader Joe's in Henderson, NV


By gloria s.

My first choice for daily and special grocery items.. I love to check on their international wines specials.. I have found real good presents for special occasion gifts!!

Trader Joe's in Wayne, NJ


By Caitlyn D.

Trader Joe's is my favorite health food store ever! They have everything you can imagine here, and plus the free samples are amazing :]

Trader Joe's in Wilmington, DE


By Pat S.

Love Trader Joe's....they need to open more stores in Delaware... or make the store on concord pike bigger....the prices are slowly sneaking up.......please keep the prices down.....they have the best quality foods for healty living today...that is what we need...Thanks Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's in Chula Vista, CA


By Jordan H.

I love Trader Joe's. It's right near where I live, and sells great food you can't find anywhere else. Also for drinking at home, it doesn't come cheaper than a bottle of two buck chuck, or a sixer of Simpler Times Lager.

Trader Joe's in San Jose, CA


By Salma A.

Trader Joe's is different from the other grocery stores. They have a wide selection of snacks that are preservative free. A very good collection of organic stuff. Lots of soy based healthy foods. I love shopping there.

Trader Joe's in Rockville, MD


By Anna S.

I have been using Trader Joe's since I moved here almost six years ago. I was delighted to learn that you carry so many Israeli products despite the Arab boycott. I am telling all my friends in the area.

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