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What Insiders are Saying about True Value Hardware

True Value Hardware in Lynn, AL


By joe p.

You may be concerned about prices, but, the drive and the hastle to go through the chain home improvement stores makes a trip to this store a smart move. Save gas, hastle, they have a great selection and you do not have to chase a disinterested associate to get good customer service. P.S. They answer the phone.

True Value Hardware in Lindenhurst, NY


By Joan N.

The True Value is like the old fashioned hardware store. It is packed. It has loose screws and nails. Anything that you want that you can't find elsewhere, try this store. A little high priced but if you need it you need it.

True Value Hardware in Mabank, TX


By vanessa a.

This hardware store has been in Mabank texas for as long as i remember. Originally named Groom and Son Hardware. They stock almost anything you will need in the way of hardware. They have some really awesome sales. The minute you walk in the door a salesperson is there to help you. I would reccomend them to anyone. PROS: none that i know of CONS: friendly helpful sales people

True Value Hardware in Denver, CO


By Louise B.

I called this store looking for vacuum cleaner bags. I found they had what I needed. I told the employee that I am handicapped and asked if they could just have the bags at the check-out counter. I gave them the approximate time it would take me to get to the store. I was told, "We're really very busy now, so, no. Someone will direct you when you get to the store as the where the bags are." I informed the woman I was speaking with that I could not walk far or stand long. She replied, "And you have no one to assist you?" I answered, "No." To which she replied, "Well, how will you get to the store?" I said that I could drive to the store, but if this was too much trouble for them, I could find the bags somewhere else. I thanked her, and she hung up in my face. I will not be giving this store my business. I can't see the difficulty in having a couple of vacuum cleaner bags at the counter waiting for a handicapped customer who wants to make a purchase. She could have had the items at the check-out counter in the time it took her to insult me.

True Value Hardware in Henderson, AR


By stephen t.

Coast hardware is the best hardware store in the Vegas area. They have some great knowledgeable employees that will help you with the parts you need to repair your plumbing needs. They will make sure that you have been helped before you leave. Everytime i have gone in with some strange need for plumbing, they have figured out a way to help me. These guys are a great asset. I now go therer first before home depot.

True Value Hardware in Bernardsville, NJ


By Laurie T.

True this is not a True Value Hardware anymore. I originally went in a few months ago and it was a poor excuse of a hardware store. I went in again today and WOW. This place has completley changed. They have expanded their inventory and have a wide selection of tools, hardware, and even housewares. Plus the prices were competetive with all mof the big box stores. I ended up buying a Weber grill for less than any other store around. I will continue to go there for all my needs.

True Value Hardware in Maple Shade, NJ


By Laurie H.

mikes true value hardware is a small town hardware store. they have just about anything you might need to fix those home problems and their prices are reasonable. parking can be a pain at times.

True Value Hardware in San Francisco, CA


By Licyau W.

This place is poorly stocked and the prices are ridiculous. I tried to find a small, cheap clock and the cheapest one of those small clocks that are $5 at Walgreens, but it was priced at $12. This True Value is also very small. If you're really looking to do some home-improvement, go to a bigger, better place. I doubt this store will fulfill your needs.

True Value Hardware in Olympia, WA


By Michael J.

Although I would rate this store as satisfactory, this is not my first choice to check when I need hardware. They have a huge inventory however their prices are on the high side compared to other stores that carry the same thing. The staff is very friendly and the store always looks clean and organized.

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