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What Insiders are Saying about Trugreen Chemlawn

Trugreen Chemlawn in Roswell, GA


By bobby j.

They came and sprayed my lawn after i told them not to and they tried to bill me 300 dollars. Don't believe me? Just Go ogle this companies name and see page after page of complaints. It just a big sham and its awful that this company still exists.

Trugreen Chemlawn in Arlington, TX


By Patrick H.

I had some issues with weeds and parts of my grass not growing so I called ChemLawn and they were out there at the scheduled time. I did not have to sign up for a contract at all. They will come monthly if you want, but you can tell them not to come if you don't think they are needed. My lawn was looking great after just one visit, and after the second visit I was very impressed. It was a complete turn around. I now use them when I think it is starting to look like a few weeds are showing. I think they are a great value. I got a discount on my first visit.