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What Insiders are Saying about Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning in North Dartmouth, MA


By Tanya C.

Tuesday Morning is a great place to go if you need small gifts for anyone of your list for the holidays. They have extremely great prices. You can't go wrong with this store.

Tuesday Morning in Highland, CA


By Darlene L.

They offer fist quality items at a fraction of the cost. Up to 80% off retail prices. I just bought a big beautiful crystal vase that retails for $230.00 for $35.00 can't beat it. PROS: Good quality and great price CONS: Have to go frequently to see what they get in.

Tuesday Morning in Golden, CO


By Lade M.

Fabulous store. They have a lot of things to choose from! They have dog supplies, baby supplies and decor supplies. I love this place. I wish I found this place a long time ago! Way to go! 5-star

Tuesday Morning in Las Vegas, NV


By Gert K.

Awesome bargains........love shopping there!!! I have found so many things there that were reasonably priced. The sales staff are very friendly, helpful, and courteous!!! There's a great variety of items such as clothing, dishes, cookware & utensils, gift cups, gourmet foods, etc., etc.

Tuesday Morning in Torrance, CA


By Debbie B.

This is the absolutely cleanest and neatest tuesday morning store that I have even been to. The manager and the staff keeps it that way. I visited the store in June 2009 and the Manager Mario Callejas went out of his way to help me. Very nice! Shop there, you won't be disappointed

Tuesday Morning in Matawan, NJ


By Lisa H.

I really like shopping at Tuesday Morning, they have such a nice variety of items. The store is just like a big ole rummage sale to me, I love to walk up and down the isle searching for just the right item. It's a great place for gift giving ideas, and I love to take out of town friends there also. Definitely recommend!

Tuesday Morning in Newark, AR


By Gerald H.

Tuesday Morning has a cult following it seems. The store is lonely in a barren shopping center on Governor Printz Boulevard and yet it hangs in there year after year. It is a cross between a Marshall's and a TJ Maxx. They have a variety of gift items, comforters, area rugs, toys, and even some clothes at discounted prices. It is hit or miss, but you can almost always find something there that you just have to have. Especially good around the holidays for hard to find gifts and inexpensive wrapping paper.

Tuesday Morning in Carlsbad, CA


By Carslie C.

I always seem to find good deals on household things in this store, especially around Christmas time. Things can get a little cluttered in this particular store, but you can't beat the prices.

Tuesday Morning in Redwood City, CA


By Jasmin C.

Good service, bad patrons. Last time I went here, other people in the store would reach over my head, without saying excuse me. How hard is it to say excuse me? Well, it's not just the patrons that's my complaint. It's also the selection. Other Tuesday morning stores have a better selection.

Tuesday Morning in Bowie, MD


By Cyndi M.

This store has a large selection of everything I could ever hope to purchase in all categories of merchandise. Additionally, this store has helpful, friendly staff who will go out of their way to help their customers. This is the best Tuesday Morning I have ever visited!