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What Insiders are Saying about U Haul

U Haul in Des Plaines, IL


By Abida B.

I rented a truck from this location for a fundraiser. I was pretty satisfied with their service. They have good deals for local usage and their employees were great at helping me choose the right van and package for my needs.

U Haul in Fort Worth, TX


By Glen G.

They have a clean well established storage facility offering various size rooms at different prices. They have a live on site manager. They sell boxes and assorted moving items and also rent trucks and trailers.

U Haul in Golden, CO


By C W.

For years, we would go to see plays at Heritage Square Music Hall at Christmastime. They always delighted us and the actors come out and talk to the kids afterward. My kids couldn't stop talking about how they wanted to be actors afterward!

U Haul in Henderson, NV


By C G.

When we were getting ready to move out of state, we went here to rent a UHaul. Everytime we went there, we were quoted different prices on everything from truck to car trailer and insurance. Never once was our location that we were taking the truck/trailer ever change. We were not all that pleased. Also we rented blankets for moving, their advertised price in their store ends up also being a different price.

U Haul in Gardena, CA


By Maggie S.

It was great I made a reservation, they gave me a call and I went in the next day. I waited about 10 mins signed a contract and drove away! It was fast and easy. I was very surprised. Be careful though when they give you a quote, it doesnt include taxes and they charge you for a whole day if your more then a couple hours late or you drop off the truck in a different location then they told you to.

U Haul in Brooklyn, NY


By Mercedes W.

I didn't want to rent form UHaul because I know they charge a lot by the mile. But on my last move it was a great deal. So the moral is, for a short move U Haul is a great deal. $15 down and $1.25 per mile.

U Haul in Haddon Heights, NJ


By Rob T.

I have needed to rent a truck to move some mats for a cheerleading organization I am associated with, and this U Haul has come through every time. I will say the first time was a bit of a struggle, but, now, when I call, they know what I need and we get it done. Thanks guys!

U Haul in San Diego, CA


By anthony s.

This place is a Good place to learn and sharpen your skills ..The teacher are very patience and good on hands on trainning..

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