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What Insiders are Saying about U S Bank

U S Bank in Lone Tree, IA


By SR J.

I would not recommend this bank to anyone. They were constantly allowing charges that were either obvious mistakes debit my account. When I called Customer Service with a problem or issue they blamed the customer. I was always worried about my money. It was a very bad experience.

U S Bank in Las Vegas, NM


By Anne T.

I was in the US Bank on Rampart in Boca Park and the one on Charleston and Hualapai. I am a high-traffic business and consumer customer and have never been treated so horrid in my life. As a professional, I come to expect good customer service. While in the Boca Park Vons US Bank, the service was so slow and well the place is dirty. How can you service your customers when you cant see out of your bandit barrier windows? Come on, clean them please! Today, I was at the Smiths on Charleston and Hualapai and had an interaction with the manager, Kim. She was rude and pushy. An employee of hers interrupted and put her two cents in. I think her name is Sylvia (?). This woman shouldnt be in customer service. She insulted me, my business, ws getting way too personal with me, and is the final reason I am pulling the rest of my money out from my business and personal accounts (total of 9). I hope I get survey calls about the service. I left upset and disgusted that US Bank has lowered their service standards.

U S Bank in Santee, CA


By Michelle c.

I had problems in the past with another bank. I went grocery shopping and a gentleman asked if I am finding everything I am looking for. The gentleman assisted me in finding what I was looking for and I thanked him and asked for his name. I was surprised that the gentleman was actually from US BANK and he was only being helpful while taking a break. He asked later whom I bank with and I told him my situation and he told me how US BANK gives 2nd chances. He got me a checking account, savings account in case i ever over draw my accound and he also got me a secured visa credit card to help build my credit. If you ever have questions about opening a checking account or anything related to your account with US Bank call the mission gorge branch and ask for Anthony.