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What Insiders are Saying about Union Bank

Union Bank in North Providence, RI


By lunarbutterfly N.

I love this bank!!! Everyon there is so friednly, staff and customers included!! The hours are great, the staff is knowledgable and they have very convient hours

Union Bank in Greeley, CO


By russell k.

I have had this bank for over 6 years. They are good overall. They are super friendly. There customer care takes care of all the issuses I have. Haven't had a issue with them once. I've tried over 10 banks the past 2 years, and most of them have an issue once and while but union colony bank. They do charge a debit card and bill pay fee, that's my only complaint. And they also denied me for a small car loan. PROS: local, nice, customer care take care of you CONS: debit card fees, billpay fees, denied on small car loan

Union Bank in Woodland Hills, CA


By Cecilia C.

I use Union bank through work and I visit the bank at least twice a week and there crew is always friendly. They make the effort to know there customers on personal level. Its always a pleasure to stop by Union Bank.

Union Bank in Escondido, CA


By Amy E.

I have been banking with Union Bank for many years and utilized many different branches. But I have to give praise to this Escondido branch. After an unpleasant experience with a local merchant withdrawing one authorized charge from my account multiple times, the communication, support and efforts by the Union Bank staff to assist me was wonderfully encouraging. All was expediently rectified. Never more pleased to be their customer.

Union Bank in San Mateo, CA



This union bank is excellent. Nice staff, good customer service. Got a very good deal with them, had a coupon and got an account without direct deposit, no min monthly fees, just an opening balance of $100. I always felt going to banks to be boring, but union bank I never felt as I hardly was in the bank for more than 5 mins. PROS: Good customer service and nice staff CONS:

Union Bank in Sumner, GA


By Kelly K.

The Sumner branch of Frontier Bank is great to work with. Reminds me of an old time bank as far as the service. They also do construction loans. I have worked with Tram and Jim in the construction lender department and been treated very well.