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What Insiders are Saying about Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters in Spring, TX


By T. W.

Urban Outfitters is a trendy place for teenagers. They have a large selection of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. They also have home/dorm decor items, and gift items. Be sure to check their sale rack. There are some great finds there.

Urban Outfitters in Boulder, CO


By Julia P.

This is one of Boulder's most popular places for young people to shop. Their vibe is very chic but also very laid back and totally fits the style of the community. Sometimes they can be a little pricey, but you won't find clothing like theirs anywhere else in the area. Plus, their selection is always large, and you can always find something cute and decently priced on the sale racks. The salespeople are friendly and accomodating. They also have housewares that are modern and trendy. It's my favorite clothing store on Pearl Street.

Urban Outfitters in Houston, AK


By S G.

It's pretty expensive but they have some nice looking vintagey clothing and great shoes/ accesories. Teens seem to love this place and its great for both girls and guys, a gift card from here would be great for anyone aged 13 - 25. The overall decor is nice and it's in a promient location inside the galleria. We love their bags for gift giving. Employees are courteous and respectful.

Urban Outfitters in Las Vegas, NM


By Kristina M.

I think Urban Outfitters has a weird style of clothing. Some of the style are too old fashion for me. Although they carry famous brands as well, such as Diesel, Lacoste, Levi's, etc. The price is average, neither too cheap/expensive. It's very interesting they also sell items for your house, such as furniture, kitchen equipment, bed sheet, rug, etc.

Urban Outfitters in San Diego, CA


By Kacie K.

I went to the UO in Sd and was nicely greeted by a young guy at the door, but that's about as good as this review gets. I went to go pay for my items and the girl who rang me up didn't even acknowledge my existence or look up at me. I even tried to converse with her and she didn't really say much back to me so I gave up. I left the store and half way to my car I realize she over charged me for a pair of shoes I bought that were actually on sale. I went back inside and saw the girl at the cash wrap and tried to wave at her to get her attention but she was stilllooking somewhere else. Another girl came by and took me and I told her the girl next to her had accidently wrang me up wrong. No apology no eye contact. Simply redid the transaction and then told me to bag my own stuff. I felt the vibe was very stuck up. Bad customer service. The end.

Urban Outfitters in Washington, D.C.


By Flava J.

I like the store in Georgetown. The customer service is great and i just enjoyed being in the store and BTW they have my favorite perfume "ginger lilly" yah!!!!