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Victoria's Secret is one of the largest lingerie retailers in the United States and offers women's wear, lingerie, and beauty products. Find Victoria's Secret locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret in Buford, GA


By Amy F.

This is a very nice store. I love buying their bras. I have a hard time finding a good fit and this store offers the best selection for me. The staff is very helpful. They also have great sales.

Victorias Secret in Warwick, GA


By Heather C.

I adore shopping at Victorias Secret. The have the most comfortable bras in the world. They have everything from racerback bras to push up bras. The have a bra for every shape and size. Nice assortment of colors and styles. They also sell other things like pantys and even bath and body items.

Victorias Secret in North Riverside, IL


By Ramya K.

victoria's secret is a great place to shop for lingerie. They have so many styles and colors that will suit your taste. The underwear they sell are so comfortable. they're not too expensive especially since its good quality. I also love the lotion because the scents are really nice.

Victorias Secret in Dallas, GA


By Marie J.

High quality merchandise that most have come to expect from VS. This is a good location if it is convenient for you and you just need a "basic" item. Otherwise it's a small store and you may be better heading over to NorthPark (only a few miles away) for a VS with a better selection. Parking is sometimes a hassle at this location.

Victorias Secret in Littleton, CO


By courtnay s.

I love Victoria Secret's bras. They are the most comfortable bra I have ever worn and the straps don't slide! They also last a long time. They wash up easy (hang them to dry) and the comfort stays! The only drawback is the price, but it is worth it to be comfortable! PROS: comfort CONS: price

Victorias Secret in Houston, AK


By Jennifer W.

But of course, every woman would. Victoria's Secret often has amazing sales that allow everyone to afford their clothes. Not only is everything sex and appealing, but it is also very comfortable!

Victorias Secret in Las Vegas, NV


By Tara G.

The Victorias Secret on Maryland Parkway is one of my favorite stores.The staff there is just Wonderful.Plus They have a much better selection than other Victorias Secret location's i've visited.From lotions to unmentionables i wouldnt trade this store for anything.I love the dreams angel collection, and also the pure seduction lotion.Every time I wear Victorias Secret I always feel sexy.I buy everything there even my lip balm.I love it and I recommend that store to girls who like to feel sexy and arent shy about spending a few dollars to do so.

Victorias Secret in Orange, CA


By J. G.


Victorias Secret in Woodbridge, CA


By Kim G.

This store is probably the best Victoria's Secret I've been to. The products are the same at each store, but it's the staff that stands out about this one. The staff here really sees you through the whole sale, and helps you with everything from measuring, to adjusting the fit, to finding the right sizes and colors. Every other VS store I've been to, the staff has either been very pushy or ignores you.

Victorias Secret in Exton, PA


By Camillia A.

Comfortable bras and underwear, delicious scent s and makeup, and good prices make this store a hit in my book. The people are helpful and nice, a plus for me.

Victorias Secret in Santa Clara, CA


By Vivian L.

Victoria Secret in Valleyfair is a great place to get underwear, under garments, pjs, lotion, body spray and other stuff. Their stuff is usually reasonably priced and the quality is really good. Also, the sales people are friendly and help you if you need anything. I would recommend going here because it is a big store and has a wide selection of styles and sizes.

Victorias Secret in Everett, WA


By Amber W.

I have been in Victoria's Secrete a few times and bought some lingerie, I like the styles and colors they offer, although they can be a bit pricy on some things! And their perfume smells sooo good! I just love their perfume! I get people asking me all the time, ??what are you wearing? (Perfume) Is smells so good! :) ??And I tell them - Victoria's Secrete perfume. ("Heavenly dream") You should try it! It is a fun place to shop with the girls. I would recommend Victoria's Secrete for women's lingerie.

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