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What Insiders are Saying about Vitamin World

Vitamin World in Cambridge, IA


By Jessica S.

This is the only store in all of Massachusetts that sells Gen Soy Products. They are centrally located in Harvard Square and offer a great selection of nutritional products and supplements. The staff is friendly and they also offer a frequent buyer program, in which you can earn points toward free stuff. PROS: Great selection, good products. CONS: None.

Vitamin World in Aurora, IL


By Annette J.

As you can probably guess from the title,Vitamin World, this is a health vitamin store that offers a huge variety of things for the health of the body. It is located in a discount mall, so, the prices are suppose to be lower (honestly, I'm not sure because I have not compared locations). However, there is a large assorment of products, and I especially like the fact that there is help in answering questions.

Vitamin World in Grapevine, AR


By J. P.

Great outlet store for baby/children's clothes. You can always find good deals on Carter clothing here. I find the baby sizes to have a better selection than the older children's sizes. They have really good sales and prices in general. I have never been disappointed in Carter quality for the price. I always buy my kids pajamas here as well!

Vitamin World in Las Vegas, NV


By Sharon M.

I take vitamins to keep healthy. You read all kinds of material that tells you you need this and you need that. I go to this store to check and see if they are correct. The people that work there has never taken me in the wrong direction. They will say it is true or it is not true or if there is something that works as well but cheaper. They have a huge selection of health products, as well as, good reading material. When sales are going on you can get great bargains.

Vitamin World in Los Angeles, CA


By Maria C.

This is a great vitamin shop. The selection is great! they always carry what I need. The prices are great as well. The employees are always very kind and helpful and they know their stuff. I prefer Vitamin World over General Nutrition Center. You can also purchase vitamins and get great deals at their website. PROS: Large selection of vitamins CONS:

Vitamin World in Redmond, OR


By Lynne O.

Great prices and selection on hard to find organic personal care products make this one of my favorite places to shop. The service is good, staff friendly and knowledgeable.

Vitamin World in Westminster, CA


By Mary L.

This is a great little store. I know there are others around, but i like this one best. I think it's because the staff is so knowledgeable about nutrition and they help you make good selections.

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