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What Insiders are Saying about Wachovia Bank

Wachovia Bank in Hampton, GA



Every person that I have had dealings with at this location is professional and always a pleasure to deal with. I actually look forward to doing my banking!

Wachovia Bank in Gurnee, IL


By Gaynor O.

Your phone as indicated on your website, is disconnected in Gurnee, Illinois. I want to make a deposit into an old friend's account (in Florida.) Need a few bits of information about doing a transaction from Illinois. Have the account number. I will try the old fashioned way-phone book. G. O'Brien

Wachovia Bank in Addison, TX


By Greg R.

Wachovia is finally in Texas and they are running a promotion for free checking accounts with direct deposit. These people are so friendly and will help you no matter how long it takes. They are the nicest people to deal with. I appreciate their dedication and attention to details with each and every customer.

Wachovia Bank in Houston, TX


By Yolanda W.

I really enjoy banking at this particular Wachovia location ~ 808 Travis Street Downtown! When you walk in you are greeted with smiles and hellos, the temperature is always appropriate for the weather (and we know how ever changing Houston weather can be!), and the facility is always clean and stylishly set up. I want to thank one of the managers, Heather for giving me some great advise and making my day. THANKS HEATHER! The 808 Travis Street Wachovia location is top of the line!

Wachovia Bank in North Las Vegas, NV


By Sandra G.

I need a 1800 number to call in regards to my account. My credit card was used by someone other than myself and I need to clear up this matter. Thank YOU

Wachovia Bank in Torrance, CA


By Rita P.

Every time I go into this bank I am greeted with smiles and people saying hello to me. These tellers always have a smile on their face. This bank can help with any banking needs!

Wachovia Bank in New Milford, NJ


By Maxine R.

I like this branch of Wachovia because the staff is always friendly and quick. I can zip thru the drive thru in no time flat, and even when I need to go inside to make a transaction the staff is quick and friendly and they always remember me by name, even before I hand in my paperwork.

Wachovia Bank in Paradise, PA


By kim t.

This is a good bank with great checking options. They are very helpful at helping you to understand the differences and fees and the options are just great. I would definately reccomend.

Wachovia Bank in La Mesa, CA


By Sandy C.

I went to pay my mortgage there and ended up opening a checking account. This branch is very welcoming and everyone is incredibly helpful. The website is also excellent.

Wachovia Bank in Manassas, VA


By George G.

They don't greet me by name, but I still feel like they know what I need.

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