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Waffle House was founded in 1955 by neighbors Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner and has multiplied to more than 1,500 locations. Find Waffle House locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Waffle House

Waffle House in Tewksbury, MA


By Anita H.

Alex wrote a good review but I disagree that there is never a wait. We go on the weekends and wait a fairly long time to be seated, but I suppose that is to be expected at peak time. Despite the wait we don't leave because they make a good breakfast. (by the way. I think when compared to all other reviews they deserve 5-Stars, but the 5-star rating on this site says 5-Stars means "world class". World class? Really? How many places are world class?!...But I gave them the 5-stars. I guess this means they are a "World Class Waffle House". haha )

Waffle House in Baytown, TX


By fredda f.

YOU guys & gals r awesome!!!u rescued me when i was left for dead in the notel next door.u allowed me to bring my luggage,bags,& tired gloomy self in for the day ,while my gals came 6 hrs.to get me.you bought me drinks,laughed & encouraged me...even gave me a job;that i did get an interview sceduled for;but i have had numerous fam.probs.& could not come back for awhile.i was treated w/dignity,respect,& even had "John" say he'd protect me.the service was awesome,the place was clean,prices were right,& yep!i would highly recommend the spot to all!you r all angels in my book!i pray you all get raises & your dreams come true!sincerely & w/Christian love,freddajfox

Waffle House in Bethlehem, CT


By Uhuru A.

Great service especially after a night out. Some of the best cheese eggs I've ever had! Free sweet tea refills, and the All Star special will have you full every time. Take a new friend, go with old friends. Great prices, great food! Its more than a place to eat, its an experience.