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What Insiders are Saying about Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart in Marietta, GA


By Paige H.

pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool pretty cool

Wal-Mart in Taunton, MA


By kathy p.

They have a cection at Walmart that has a little bakery so good and I go there all the time. I make my way through this section it is filled with great cakes and cookies. Yummy the bread is sooo good and soft too. The prices are so cheap for what you want.

Wal-Mart in Niles, IL


By DJ D.

Describe your experience. Did they meet your expectations? Of all the Walmart stores near Chicago, this Walmart is the worst. If this corporation seriously wanted to increase profits in the area, cleaning up this store and remodeling it may be just the ticket. There is so much mismanagement at the skokie store, its pretty amazing the employees put up with it. 1. My experiences with the Skokie Walmart store actually convinced me want to shop elsewhere. My usual wait time in the line is 20-30 minutes on weekdays after 6pm. Sure the prices are cheaper, but for a few dollars more I would pay for some type of service after waiting in such long lines. God help us if the price scanner was not functioning properly, add another 15 mins to the long wait time. 2. This Walmart did not meet my expectations because of the messy, crowded, short handed staff. If you ever wanted to see frustrated employees, just walk into this mismanaged mess. 3. Yes, they have rock bottom prices. Its too bad the customer and staff motivation is also rock bottom. I will commend the Walmart company for opening a store near Golf Mill mall which could be the model for the Skokie store. The only good thing about this store is they have ample parking in the rear, especially if you don‚??t feel like fighting for parking. DJ Dangerous

Wal-Mart in Plano, TX


By Tommie C.

This Wal-Mart location is a great place to get groceries. They will match other stores ads as well. They do not triple or double coupons. Store is well stocked and has a good variety. I am not too impressed with their meat selection but I like the packageing they use. It is all prepackaged with no leaks! Fresh fruits and vegs. are okay as well but not the best. Their prices are great so it is hard to expect the best of everything. PROS: Great prices CONS: not so good meat department

Wal-Mart in Houston, TX


By Cordelia D.

I've been going to this store for a couple of years because it's so close to home & have always received bad service especially in the deli dept. So I decided to shop there one last time before I was to waste more time & gas to go to another location in the future. As luck would have I needed lunch meat that only the deli carries & was dreading my walk to the counter expecting the usual attitude and/or 20 minute wait for them to realize I even was there. Ugh! yet amazingly to my surprise before I even reached 5 ft to the counter I was greeted by a young women named Monique, she asked with a great smile on her face if there was any way she could help me I gave her my order & without complaint cut it paper thin like I asked folding each slice with care! it's easier to pick up this way she says. as she sliced she asked how my day was, finished my order & asked if there is any thing else I needed. she suggested the best cheese for my meat as well as a good fresh baked bread & even said she would slice that too if needed. never once loosing her cool, even as some manager was talking rudely at her. She is by far the best employee they have & it is because of her I will be returning to this walmart. oh! side note I now know why the woman in the Bakery dept called her Sunshine, because she was just that a ray of sunshine in a very dark walmart! kudos Monique! keep up the excellent work!

Wal-Mart in Las Vegas, NM


By Calleen S.

I shop at night and I have noticed an alarming problem at this store. It seems they block the food areas with boxes for stocking as early as 9 pm. There stockers also have a habit of yelling, cursing, and singing loudly while doing there job. It would serve this store, and the consumers better if they would close for a few hours each night and do this monkey bussiness while no customers are in the store.

Wal-Mart in Corona, CA


By antonia m.

i used to love going to walmart before they remodel the store. i new where everything was, it was in-n out thing for me. now it looks just like a huge warehouse, not welcoming at all. i can not find anything there, the last time i went in i was so depress that i just left without buying anything.

Wal-Mart in Newton, NJ


By Amanda B.

I went to walmart today because I needed a new AC. I know they price match, and home depot was out of the one that I wanted so I went right over to walmart. It was $10 cheaper at Home Depot so when I got to the register I told the cashier that I wanted to do a price match. She seemed very surprised that I asked to do this, even though there is a sign above every single register! She asked me if I had an ad for home depot, and I said ‚??no, but right here it says you don‚??t need it.‚?Ě She told me that it doesn‚??t say that and began to very loudly read me the sign. I‚??m not stupid. It says clearly ‚??YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING IN THE AD- which I had to point out to her. She got very huffy puffy and stomped across the front end saying ‚??I‚??m not dealing with this‚?Ě. Fine, neither am I. The next lady came over and called for Mike (manager) over the walkie-talkie. He asked if I had the ad, and then said no for the price override. I asked her if she was serious and pointed to the sign. I didn‚??t want to hold up the line so I asked her to have Mike meet me up front. She said he‚??ll be right there. I went up front and the customer service women proceeded to try and get in touch with him via walkie-talkie and phone. She then had to ask him to get off his phone over the walkie-talkie! WHAT A JOKE! She told me he was on a conference call and she didn‚??t know when he would be done. I sat down with a screaming 4 year old and waited for 15 minutes. I then asked her if there was anyone else I could talk to about this I then called the # posted in the front of the store to be told that ‚??Mike isn‚??t here today.‚?Ě I told her that was impossible, I‚??m waiting for him up front and I just heard him on the walkie-talkie. So she HUNG UP! I called right back and she said sorry, but mike isn‚??t here today I don‚??t know what to tell you. The customer service women told me, no, he‚??s here, I don‚??t know what he‚??s doing, he knows you‚??re here. I sat there for a total of about 45 minutes on my phone trying to get in touch with ANYONE. Finally, I got someone on the phone, who immediately approved it. I sat there over principal, not over $10. If you say you‚??re going to do something ‚?? do it!! I got mike on the phone finally on my way home. He said he had no idea what I was talking about I had to remind him about how I overheard him on the walkie-talkie. He didn‚??t say anything until I finally said hello? and all he said is ‚??okay, I don‚??t know what to tell you‚?Ě. I asked to talk to his boss who he said wasn‚??t here but he would look I then talked to Joe, who told me the exact same thing. No apologies. He then asked me, ‚??Is that it?‚?Ě Yeah, that‚??s it. Don‚??t bother going to this store. Yeah, they have low prices but if you have a problem , your going to waste your entire day there! These reviews are right ‚?? most employees are nasty and unhelpful ‚?? probably because they are just following what they see the managers doing! Hiding from customers and sending them on loop-de-loops around the store trying to get something‚??s taken care of! My advice to the employees ‚?? If you hate your job that much that you have to be so rude and inconsiderate to customers ‚?? do us a favor and QUIT. They really need to hire new managers. Don‚??t advertise price matching if you make people wait 45 mins to do it!!

Wal-Mart in Riverton, NJ


By Carole D.

This is a really nice Wal Mart. It is a newer store and is bigger than other Wal Mart's that are around here. They offer several different food cold and frozen food items although not a Super WalMart store. They also have a "Walmart" gas station and a Sam's Club located in the shopping center .

Wal-Mart in San Diego, CA



This is one of the most elegant places in San Diego for a wedding reception. The food was good, staffing helpful and it's within easy walking distance of many hotels in the area.

Wal-Mart in Pleasanton, CA


By Victoria L.

We recently had pictures taken here while we were on vacation and I have to say, they take their time and do a good job. My daughter didn't really want to take the picture, but the photographer was patient and really got a good one of her.

Wal-Mart in Lynnwood, WA


By Terry E.

Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart; you get what you pay for. Considering the prices you are bound to have a mixed crowd of consumers in our current economy. Lines are long and it takes time to checkout, which I don't care for. But it's worth it for me to $ave. Others that mentioned the types of people that frequent this store might want to go to Hagen's and pay their prices in order to shop with a higher caliber of crowd and get better service? My son worked there during high school and the service and quality is excellent. Personally, I simply like people and the lines are my only issue. See you at Wal-Mart! 8)

About Wal-Mart

Founded by Sam Walton in 1962, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world and the second largest corporation in the world. There are several other areas where Walmart is the largest: the largest private employer in the U.S. and Mexico, the largest toy retailer in the U.S., and the largest grocery retailer in the U.S. One of Walmart's famous slogan is "Wal-mart. Always Low Prices. Always."