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What Insiders are Saying about Waldenbooks

Waldenbooks in Duluth, GA


By Sandra k.

staff is really friendly they also say hello and can I help you find any thing today prices are reasonable they usally have some books that the other books stores in my area don't have they order books for you also and they have discounts and half off pricess on ther e books they have a great clearence section also location is in the gwinnett mall so you shop any where you want ther is no reason why I hate this business PROS: inside gwinnett mall CONS: finding a parking spot

Waldenbooks in Saugus, MA


By amy r.

Great prices, helpful staff, great setup! I love this place. They have whatever you might need to read. I frequent this bookstore more than any other!

Waldenbooks in Niles, IL


By Sherhonda P.

I go here almost everytime i'm in the mall. Everything is easy to find and help is always there. Everyone is really friendly and the employees care about their customers alot. I will always and forever buy my books here.

Waldenbooks in Arlington, AL


By Aimee H.

Sometimes as you browse this store you would think they have a little bit higher prices than other stores, but the clothing is high quality and I have found some great buys at the end of the season. I like their sales, and the employees are very nice.

Waldenbooks in Denver, CO


By Nina D.

While Waldenbooks has a good selection of bestsellers, it's hard to find anything else without special ordering. They have a wide selection of magazines for a store their size, but not that much in the way of more substantial reading material.

Waldenbooks in West Covina, CA


By Michelle A.

I have never been disappointed with the service at this shop. Amazingly, the persons whom I give gifts are also happy with what they had. I love it!

Waldenbooks in Nanuet, NY


By Joan R.

You can find just about any book at Waldenbooks. They have a full line of magazines - fashion, entertainment, home improvement and international choices as well. They have a great table that's always filled with bargain books - great deals can be found on that table and often make great gifts at reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and helpful so don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Waldenbooks in Moorestown, NJ


By sandy M.

I like shopping at this bookstore. even if I don`t buy anything it is still fun to browse. I always buy my calendars here for the new year. they have a nice selection. it is inside the mall so that is nice that you can stop in while shopping at other stores in the mall. the employees are friendly and helpful. PROS: nice location CONS:

Waldenbooks in El Cajon, CA


By Carissa P.

Next time your in the mall do not just walk by this book store. It is filled with calendars, markdowns and there's almost always some coupon in the rack outside Waldenbooks is a great place to find present for something that matches their interests and might provide a window to a new hobby. Employees are helpful and store is clean.

Waldenbooks in Concord, CA


By Susan A.

This is a really nice bookstore that just got it's name changed to Borders (they are pretty much the same thing, so it really doesn't make much of a difference). They sell all kinds of books as well as comic books, magazines, bookmarks, giftcards, etc. The staff isn't all that nice, but they are ok. The prices are average, but the space that this place has is really minimal. Still, it's a nice place to pick up a good book while shopping in the Mall.

Waldenbooks in Puyallup, WA


By Matt B.

I love bookstores, especially WaldenBooks. They have a book about everything you can imagine, so whoever goes in has a fun time. It is easy to find things by asking people or just looking around. Stay out of here for the holidays, though. We spent 1 hour in line one time! PROS: Fun for everyone. Great Selection, friendly staff CONS: Long slow lines when it gets busy

Waldenbooks in Alexandria, VA


By Ashley S.

Even though I don't really live near Landmark, I always try to stop by this book store when I'm in the area. The staff is very helpful, nice and not pushy. Also they seem to have a large selection books on sale. I would recommend this story to others.