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What Insiders are Saying about Walgreens

Walgreens in Beverly, MA


By Pat M.

The customer service I received from this Walgreen's was just plain excellent. We are from Oregon. My daughter is going to school in Beverly. Something was wrong with our insurance and after numerous phone calls back and forth throughout a long afternoon - Walgreen's worked with all of us to get the correct information and the prescription filled. They went way beyond the call of duty. Thank you Walgreen's Pharmacy!!

Walgreens in Houston, TX


By Heather B.

Thank you so much to the people and staff that are in this store. I am happy to be your regular customer. Two thumbs up to you.

Walgreens in Long Beach, CA


By Jessica H.

I LOVE THIS STORE.. the managers and staff are friendly to all coupon users. and they will go the extra distance to help you get a sales items they are out of stock. Thanks to Sherman i was able to get the airwick deal coz he went the extra mile of getting it from a store that is too far for me to travel and save it for me. Thanks to Maria i am able to get the rewards that i miss calculate the deals. Thanks to the staff, friendly and kind. Always there to help you. if i have a question, it is answer. i never had to try to hunt them down.. THANK YOU WGS you made this mom of 2 very happy and stay w/n budget.

Walgreens in San Diego, CA


By Margaret D.

A 24 hr drive thru pharmacy-- what more could you want? The pharmacy staff is helpful-- a couple times they didn't have the meds on hand so they called different pharmacies (even different stores than Walgreens) to track it down so I didnt' have to wait for them to order it. Inside they've got the basic drugstore stuff. I haven't tried their film development yet.

Walgreens in Sunnyvale, CA


By derek j.

The photo lab has the best service and a really cute girl. she was very helpful and frendly and knew what she was doing. I have not been happy with any other walgreens but this one and i strongly recomend only going to this location.

Walgreens in Lowes Island, VA


By art l.

Pharmacist is very kind and helpful. They may sometimes short helps, but hey it's the real world. Overall, they are trying and very professional. One time I desperately need help on my medication, they were the one open late till 10 pm around the area and made me alive.