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What Insiders are Saying about Walgreens

Walgreens in Douglasville, GA


By Bob J.

We had a situation where we were desperate to get help. When we contacted the Walgreens photo department the lady was extemely helpful. She was patient with us in our anxiety and assured us that she would do all she could to help us. She did just that and a tense situation was relieved. What we needed was not in her department but she helped us just the same. Thanks Walgreen for having superior help.

Walgreens in Beverly, KS


By Pat M.

The customer service I received from this Walgreen's was just plain excellent. We are from Oregon. My daughter is going to school in Beverly. Something was wrong with our insurance and after numerous phone calls back and forth throughout a long afternoon - Walgreen's worked with all of us to get the correct information and the prescription filled. They went way beyond the call of duty. Thank you Walgreen's Pharmacy!!

Walgreens in Hickory Hills, IL


By D K.

This walgreens is always nicely maintained, open 24 hours and always has friendly cashiers and workers. Everything from the sales papers is always in stock, never have to get a rain check, and you can shop whatever hours you like, cause they are there 24/7

Walgreens in Seagoville, TX


By Dolores B.

This pharmacy has everything. What I l9ike best that it is smaller than the big box stores and ;I can get in there and get what I want in a hurry. Best of all, the cashier is very friendly and helpful.

Walgreens in Aurora, CO


By tyrell b.

I have been a customer for them for many years and i never come out disappointed. Great products to purchase, good knowledge on their policies and have some locked for safekeeping. For special medications identification is always asked for and that's my favorite aspect of the store to make sure that minors are getting possession of dangerous products.

Walgreens in Houston, AK


By stephanie f.

This is a great one stop place for your odds and ends that you need around the house. I do not feel that Walgreens pharmacists are the most helpful, and their store hours can be erratic, but they have a good selection of personal care items, and if you hit the sales right, you will find lots of great things on clearance at the end of the rows!

Walgreens in North Las Vegas, NV


By Jess F.

Great place friendly clean would go here again theres always something ill need at this store Besides great deals

Walgreens in Long Beach, CA


By Jessica H.

I LOVE THIS STORE.. the managers and staff are friendly to all coupon users. and they will go the extra distance to help you get a sales items they are out of stock. Thanks to Sherman i was able to get the airwick deal coz he went the extra mile of getting it from a store that is too far for me to travel and save it for me. Thanks to Maria i am able to get the rewards that i miss calculate the deals. Thanks to the staff, friendly and kind. Always there to help you. if i have a question, it is answer. i never had to try to hunt them down.. THANK YOU WGS you made this mom of 2 very happy and stay w/n budget.

Walgreens in Jamaica, IA


By Jamaica Reiki Massage 4 Stress H.

I have used the services several times and always felt I was welcome.My Rx was prepared while I waited and the instructions I received with them were very clear and helpful and in a friendly manner

Walgreens in Elkins Park, PA


By penny k.

there is this manager lady mrs. brown, as her name tag says, and i was in there one night when she threw this racist pig lady out of the store and called the cops on her... thats what im talkin about... wait till i see her on the street. im gonna buy her a drink

Walgreens in Chula Vista, CA


By Cindy C.

My son has Diabetes and the doctor sent his prescription over which was incorrect. The pharmacist thought it looked funny and spent all day working on getting in contact with the doctor in order to correct it before filling the prescription. ATTENTION TO DETAIL! This is the kind of pharmacy I will only go to!

Walgreens in Sunnyvale, CA


By derek j.

The photo lab has the best service and a really cute girl. she was very helpful and frendly and knew what she was doing. I have not been happy with any other walgreens but this one and i strongly recomend only going to this location.

Walgreens in Kent, CT


By jackie s.

I went there on a saturday for my cpap machine. The gentlemen who greeted me was very friendly and really knew his stuff..when it did not work, he made sure i got a replace ment...good company

Walgreens in Rosedale, IN


By Mary H.

great place to shop I love going there for my perscriptions which they fullfill in a professional manner and my sunflower seeds which have helped me lose over 50 lbs of unwelcome lbs. I have found Walgreens helpful at all times.

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