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What Insiders are Saying about Washington Mutual

Washington Mutual in Glendale Heights, IL


By Janet B.

Washington Mutual is your basic no-frills bank. I like their convenient location, their free checking accounts, and their online bill payment services. There are no minimum balances, either! You are also likely to get very personalized service since the branches are smaller and have fewer clients than the other national banks in this area. At my branch, all the tellers know me by name, which is a nice touch.

Washington Mutual in Dallas, GA


By Christina L.

Yeterday we were talking at work about different banks, everyone hated theres except for me. I love WM. They treat there comstuers GREAT and will do anything for them on the spot. I have never once had a problem with them and have been with then for 6 years. I love that I can trust them because it is my money...and everything they adverise that is FREE really is FREE. Check it out if you have not already, they are great.

Washington Mutual in Longmont, CO


By Danielle D.

This is the best bank around, they are very friendly have a kids play area, and just a wonderful place, a must for banking.. The only drawback is they don't have a drive thru.. PROS: AWESOME PLACE CONS: no drive thru for when the kids are asleep

Washington Mutual in Hackensack, MN


By S D.

I have recently started using the services of Washington Mutual Bank, on recommendation from friends. They are pretty good. They have a courteous, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and their website is easy to use. They even have community-friendly programs like Wamoola for schools. Definitely one of the better banks out there.

Washington Mutual in San Diego, CA


By Melissa M.

Usually when you go into a bank, there is an island for organizing paperwork for transactions and there is one line for the long table which seats several bankers on the other side. This Washington Mutual is different. The bankers are on little islands all over the branch. There is also a movie playing so you have something to look at while you are waiting.

Washington Mutual in Seattle, WA


By Justin G.

After over two years of banking with Washington Mutual I will have to take my business somewhere else. Rude employees and charges to my account that they are not even aware of or willing to refund to me are why I will be leaving. Highly un-recommended.