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What Insiders are Saying about Washington Mutual

Washington Mutual in Atlanta, GA


By amanda l.

Although WAMU is now becoming CHASE, the people are still the same. For example Caroll George is one of their financial reps, and without her I thought I'd never be able to get an account.

Washington Mutual in Glendale Heights, IL


By Janet B.

Washington Mutual is your basic no-frills bank. I like their convenient location, their free checking accounts, and their online bill payment services. There are no minimum balances, either! You are also likely to get very personalized service since the branches are smaller and have fewer clients than the other national banks in this area. At my branch, all the tellers know me by name, which is a nice touch.

Washington Mutual in Richardson, TX


By Sheila B.

My husband and I have had accounts here since we've been married, twenty four years. This bank has gone thru many changes and it just keeps getting better as it grows.

Washington Mutual in Longmont, CO


By Danielle D.

This is the best bank around, they are very friendly have a kids play area, and just a wonderful place, a must for banking.. The only drawback is they don't have a drive thru.. PROS: AWESOME PLACE CONS: no drive thru for when the kids are asleep

Washington Mutual in Houston, AK


By Leticia S.

Always a pleasure to visit this location. The staff is so friendly. The bank is conveniently located inside a shopping strip, bank is not too big. Drive thru facilities is prompt! PROS: Conveniently locationed CONS:

Washington Mutual in Temple City, CA


By Nancy D.

I went into washington mutual for the first time the other day and couldn't believe how nice the people working there are. At first i thought they would mess up on something since they look so young and all but nope. They are very professional.

Washington Mutual in New Milford, CT


By David K.

walk right in to wait ever! If there is a wait you just have some really really bad luck. Go shopping around for a good mortage rate and if this is it then do it.

Washington Mutual in San Diego, CA


By Arlene K.

Washington Mutual is great for people who don't want to keep a minimum balance or have direct deposit in their checking accounts. Their terminals are kinda weird, kiosklike desks out in the open versus the traditonal behind the counter style. This is a good for those low balance checking accounts.

Washington Mutual in Millbrae, CA


By D W.

As you know, most banks have horrible interest rates unless you have a ton of money. I used to have both a personal checking and savings account but closed out my savings account when I saw what I could the interest I could be accruing if I went to an online bank. When I tried to close out my savings account, I was treated like a child, as if I didn't know what I was doing with my money. I did not appreciate this behavior. Outside of that, I haven't had any problems. The tellers are friendly though I wish they would open up more counters when the line gets long. PROS: Ample free parking CONS:

Washington Mutual in Maple Valley, WA


By Tracy K.

A few years ago Washington Mutual moved from being inside QFC to over by Safeway in it's own place. It is a nice, clean bank with ample parking nearby. When you walk inside you have access to the phone if you need to talk to a customer service rep. Next are the deposit slips etc. Then you wait in one line for a teller. There is a place for the kids to play (what a great feature!). They have 2 video games, books etc. The new type of bank they are striving for doesn't have one big counter, but rather individual stations. Another new concept is that the tellers don't have money at their station. You get a receipt with a number on it. Then you take it to a machine, type in the number, and wala there is your money! The staff is always friendly and helpful when i've been there. It's a nice place to bank at!

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