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Wegman's in Fairfax, VA


By Pam S.

Wegmans has been a great shopping experience for me since I lived in Upstate NY. They have the best milk, egg, and soda prices around, among other things. What I like best is that their store brand is very good! Their "Triple Fruit Jelly" is the only jam my kids will eat now. The Wegmans brand of pasta, jars of pizza and spaghetti sauce, soda, flour, fruit bars, napkins, ice cream bars, most of their cereal, and chips are all good, to name a few. Good produce, too, but sometimes pricey. I don't like their ice cream much or their bread. And their pizza shop pizza isn't too good, either, although I LOVE the idea of sheet pizzas [it is an Upstate NY thing]! I shop there first and then go to other stores for little things. It is worth a few visits to get the feel of it. Bring another store ad with you to compare prices and you will see.