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What Insiders are Saying about Weis Markets

Weis Markets in Beattystown, NJ


By Timothy M.

The Weis here is a very good grocer. Firstly, no cramped parking like at the ShopRite. A decent selection of plant stuff under the left side of the outer awning. Second, Double Coupons, according to a banner, are on every day. And just $9.99 for 90 days of generic prescriptions. Nice! On the inside, it's got lots of neon. A full service pharmacy, self-serve floral dept., and the bakery make up the first front corner of the store. Very big produce section, nice selection, equipped with antipasto bar. Two islands are in this section: combined salad/soup bar, and another one combines the deli (with Deitz & Watson meat), party platters, ready to go food, service seafood, and fresh made pizza! (They can make it while you shop!) The drink and snack section is branded as Beverage Plaza and Snack Plaza. Large selection of international and ethnic foods, too. Oddly, the breads are on the opposite side of the store. How can you beat this store? It seems, though, that everyone choose to ignore the Weis and instead go to the cramped ShopRite. Go here if you can.

Weis Markets in Doylestown, OH


By Jen W.

Every time I go into Genaurdis I am pleased with the cleanliness of the store and the freshness of the products. They are always willing to give rain checks for sale items that might be out of stock and accept the rain check with no problem.

Weis Markets in Nottingham, MD


By Debi M.

I live very close to Weis, so I go there for all of my grocery needs. I am impressed with their customer service. Their bakery department is one of the best around. They make wonderful donuts (my husband and kids LOVE them) and muffins. When my inlaws come to MD to visit, they always leave with a 4 pack of muffins. Their sales are great. And I love that they run campaigns every so often where I get points for the money I spend and at the end of the campaign, I can get up to 20% off of a grocery order. For a family of 5, it is great for us. I am not overly impressed with their produce department. Many times I will buy items only to come home and find mold on them....and then I have to go back to make an exchange or return (which they always happily do for me). Overall, it is a great store, and I do recommend it!