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What Insiders are Saying about Wet Seal

Wet Seal in Buford, GA


By Santiago C.

It has a very nice atmosphere,sales people are not pushy,and try hard to help you find whatever will actually suit you based on you skin coloring and body shape. Those afraid of an honest opinion may want to steer clear, they really do try to have you walk out with what works for you. A bit high priced, but great value for the service.

Wet Seal in Plano, TX


By Gus A.

I love the selection and affordableness of this wonderfully located store. Very friendly sales people are always willing to help. You won't be able to pass up the deals here. PROS: Afordable clothing CONS: no probs

Wet Seal in Houston, AK


By N G.

Wet Seal is one of those "inexpensive" stores aimed at people 13 - 25 years old. However, the quality of their clothes is mediocre and they are very easily damaged. I bought a shirt there and it ripped (without having done anything to it). Most clothes are very thin or the jeans have something wrong with them (i.e. the zippers are broken). The salesperson did not seem to want to help either. I had to ask twice to open a dressing room and they were ignoring me and talking on the phone instead! I will not go back here again because it's not worth your money or your time!

Wet Seal in West Nyack, NY


By Lauren D.

Wet Seal has instyle clothing and accessories at low prices. It is a great place to buy a cheap top for a party that you'd really only wear once or twice.

Wet Seal in Mays Landing, NJ


By Terri M.

This shop is for teens and young adults who like to dress trendy but a little on the edge. They have everything from outwear to lingerie. Assessories to match outfit are also sold here. The staff is pretty much young women ages 18-25 or so that all seem to dress similar to what the store sells. You may even see a crop top and a belly piercing on your salesperson. There doesn't seem to be a typical dress code for this stores personel. Parking is plentiful as this store is located in the Hamilton Mall. Dressing rooms are of ample size but don't have individual mirrors in each stall. There is one shared mirror in center of aisle. PROS: Trendy clothes CONS: no mirrors inside each dressing room

Wet Seal in San Diego, CA


By Vivian V.

I like this store because they always have great accessories for all my outfits, I admit it's a little teenage oriented, but I can deal with that! They always have whats "in"

Wet Seal in Concord, CA


By smile y.

This is more of a female store with all girly clothes and accessories. They have a "Seal Deal Card" Which costs $20 and saves you 10% on all of your purchases. And even 20% off on your birthday! That is a pretty good deal. They have some cute things, and sales happen often. Sometimes Cosmo Girl or Seventeen will have coupons for there. Great place!

Wet Seal in Tacoma, WA


By emily h.

This is a pretty trendy store with popular colors, styles and designs, They have a pretty good selection of everything encluding sizes. Some of the prices are pretty high but sometime they have a sale. The people are pretty nice too. It is kind of enjoyable if you are into the latest styles.

Wet Seal in Baltimore, MD


By Benjamin B.

Wet Seal is glitzy and glamourous. It has bright and shiny clothing with lots of sequins. If one is a teenage girl AND going out to a party or a dance, the clothes might be appropriate. Other than that, the clothes are really not practical; they have a showgirl/burlesque look to them. My wife bought a few tops there and wears them exclusively as lingere.