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White House | Black Market is a women's clothing store that features business and cocktail attire in white and black shades. Find White House | Black Market locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about White House Black Market

White House Black Market in Deerfield, IL


By K C.

While this store is all about clothing in black and white it is far from boring clothing. I have never been in there without walking out with something. Great prices and great styles that fit any body type. Ranges from casuel to evening wear, as well as a great selection of accesories. Very wearable clothing.

White House Black Market in Plano, TX


By Natalia P.

The White House Black Market (which is owned by Chico's) has a splendid variety of casual and business wear. If you are about to go on a vacation to Europe and want to look "tres chic" this is the place to go. The sales staff is knowledgable, but not "clinging" - so you can look around without feeling pressured. PROS: Great selection CONS: Sometimes a bit pricey

White House Black Market in Paradise, CA


By Claudia R.

This store is too expensive and the clothes arent all that fashionable, really. I usually go in and just look around then leave. I can't even remember a time a tiem that i bought anytihing.

White House Black Market in Glendale, AZ


By Karla N.

Really classy women's clothing - either black, white or neutral colors. Perfect for work or for going out. Prices are high, but when they have a sale, there are great deals in there. Also have a location at Paseo Colorado.

White House Black Market in Elizabeth, NJ


By Chimera B.

I love White House Black Market and was soooooo excited when they opened a store in Jersey Gardens Mall. Their clothes are gorgeous....mostly white and black (hence the name), and they have great styles, great selections, great quality and great prices. Also, even though Jersey Gardens is an outlet mall, the cashier told me it wasn't an outlet store. You can sign up for their Black book and after you spend $300, you save $5 for life!!! They have gorgeous dresses, nice suits, and casual wear. A great place to buy a dress for a wedding or other formal occassion without breaking your wallet. PROS: Great styles, great quality, great prices! CONS:

White House Black Market in Sicklerville, NJ


By Bathsheba A.

This is one of the many new stores that just opened in Gloucester Twp. This is a beautiful clothing store for Women .. this is not a grocery store!! All (just about) items in the store are white or black .. you will find some greys, and navy blues as well. This is a high-end retail store so expect to spend a pretty amount on the clothing.

White House Black Market in Chula Vista, CA


By Julieanne S.

The best place to find a cami for that perfect suit or a dress for a luncheon. They sell more than just black and white staples. They cover the latest trends but their pieces are more wearable by the masses. They carry an array of sizes and the customer service is hard to beat. If they are out of a size, they will find it for you. They stock classic dresses, beautiful prints, and everything from suiting to capri pants. The line varies from season to season and if you like to have space when you try on clothes. the fitting rooms are enormous and very comfortable. I highly recommend this store.

White House Black Market in Rockville, MD


By J. K.

The dresses and formal wear found here is beautiful, I must say. However I feel like it's overpriced. Definitely a place to stop by if you're looking for your perfect little black dress and even a wedding dress! The staff is helpful, however a little snobbish.