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What Insiders are Saying about Whitehall Jewellers

Whitehall Jewellers in North Attleboro, MA


By Jessica G.

My husband buys all of my jewelry from this location. The staff is friendly and helpful in his decision making. The prices are reasonable and they stand behind thier products. PROS: Great prices and selection CONS: None

Whitehall Jewellers in Fort Worth, TX


By Patrick H.

I have used this store to purchase a bridal set for my wife who has since traded up. I have also purchased a few other items that I am pleased with. I can trust I am getting quality jewelry anytime I am here. We like the trade up program they offer and have used it several times.. This is a great idea for people who can not afford the item of their dreams, but are willing to wait and trade up until they get there.

Whitehall Jewellers in Edison, NJ


By Jamie K.

Whitehall Jewellers was one of many places we visited when looking for my engagement ring. Upon walking in, we were greeted by very friendly (not pushy) staff and felt comfortable looking through their cases. They have a very large selection of jewelry. We ended up purchasing my engagement ring and both of our wedding rings there. When looking for my engagement ring, our original intention was to find a white gold ring with three diamonds (large one in the middle, two smaller stones on sides). Within seconds I spotted this ring that had a very different look to it. It had a very vintage feel. It definitely wasn‚??t white gold, but didn‚??t look like yellow gold either, which was great since I don‚??t like yellow gold. The gentleman behind the counter said it was ‚??rose gold,‚?Ě a mix of copper and gold to give it the rose color. I fell in love with the ring; it was simple and unique. We left to go get a bite to eat then came back to purchase the ring. Still to this day, I have never found a ring that is anything like mine, even on the internet. Whitehall Jewellers is one of the only places I have been able to find rose gold jewelry. I even have trouble finding it on the internet. They also have a very large selection of white gold and yellow gold jewelry. My fiance purchased a white gold wedding band. Price-wise, they are very reasonable. We were able to buy my engagement ring, 2 wedding bands, and the warranties for under our budget for the engagement ring. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The gentleman we worked with was very patient with asking all of the questions we had about the ring. The paperwork for the rings was minimal, and my two rings were sent out to be sized, while my fiance‚??s ring was special ordered. My rings came back by the next week. We did have a problem with my wedding ring. One of the diamonds fell out. We brought it back and they ordered and sized another one for me with no questions asked. My fiance‚??s special order got a little messed up. The ring never came in, but when we went there, they reordered it and we received it a few weeks later. They were very helpful throughout the whole process. I definitely recommend using Whitehall Jewellers. They provided us with great customer service, good prices, and beautiful jewelry. We couldn‚??t be happier.