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What Insiders are Saying about Wienerschnitzel

Wienerschnitzel in Grand Prairie, TX


By Janice B.

I love their hot dogs. I live in Willow Park, TX close to Ft. Worth and there is not one close. The nearest one is Grand Prairie, TX and we don't travel that way often. But always stop when we go through there. Wish there were more in the area. They are delicious. They have a different taste than other hot dogs. I love them.

Wienerschnitzel in La Mesa, CA


By Love B.

i use to work here in 1993 with a bunch of great workers. I am looking for a particular friend which I lost contact with her name was Holly, I'm unsure of her last name. If n e one knows who this is & has a last name, phone or location of her please help us to reunite. Ty Albert

Wienerschnitzel in San Jose, CA


By Stephanie G.

I am a connoisseur of fast food chili cheese fries, and Wenerschnitzel by far has the BEST chili cheese fries I've ever had. Carl's Jr., Del Taco, and not even Foster Freeze across the street can compare! Their other items, such as the polish sausage, has always left something to be desired for me, but their hot dogs and corn dogs are also good. And you can never go wrong with anything from here that has chili and cheese on it, and I don't just mean the fries! PROS: Quick service, great food for the price CONS: Bums often take up residence nearby, ghetto-like locale

Wienerschnitzel in Everett, MA


By linda w.

The food at Wienerschnitzel is pretty good. It's not the best food I've had and the quality of their ingredient leaves something to be desired, but the food is still very good for the price paid. Their customer service is also good--friendly, fast, and competent.