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What Insiders are Saying about Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited in Loganville, GA


By Lisa K.

This store is a little smaller than the snellville store, but the customer service is great. The staff here will give you as much advice as you want about taking care of or feeding birds. I love coming in here just to hear about local sitings of birds. They have great birdbaths and feeders as well as cute garden ornamentals.

Wild Birds Unlimited in Easton, MA


By Linda C.

I bought a bird feeding system last year. It has brought me so much pleasure. One of the best is watching the squirrels trying to get to the feed. There is a barrier so they cannot climb. Presently I have a problem currently with hummingbirds, last year I had many- this year a few last few weeks, but now they are nowhere in sight?, I change the food weekly, and last year the other birds didn't bother them, I don't know what to do any suggestions would be appreciated.

Wild Birds Unlimited in Valparaiso, FL


By Alisha B.

Wild Birds Unlimited is a great store for a bird lover. They have so many items that pertain to birds. They have books, feeders, and bird seed. The staff is very knowledgable on the subject of birds and what kind of feed to put in the feeder for the type of bird you want to arrive at your home. I was looking for a gift for my mother and found one very easily. I was happy with their prices too. They were very reasonable.

Wild Birds Unlimited in Dallas, GA


By John H.

Wild Birds Unlimited is the perfect place for the bird enthusiest. I recommend WBU for anyone who loves birds.I have been going to them for the past two years, and have nothing but good things to say about them.

Wild Birds Unlimited in Denver, CO


By rebecca w.

Great store, but everything is very, very expensive. I am looking for a bulk seed outlet without the frills or go to Home Depo for better prices. This store needs to be more competitive or I think it cannot survive. They need to carry items that are less expensive along with all the expensive ones. I'd like to know their markup. It must be huge.

Wild Birds Unlimited in Conroe, TX


By Lori M.

If you love to watch hummingbirds and blue birds in your yard, Wild Birds Unlimited has everything you need to attract them. The staff there is very knowledgeable and helpful in getting your large bags of bird seed to your car. This is a great place to go and you will always come out with something new and special for your yard. I love this place. If you are looking for meely words to attract blue birds to your yard, they have them.

Wild Birds Unlimited in Huntington Beach, CA


By Bando Mom K.

A nice store with helpful and freindly staff. Very knowledgeable about bird food. They have a birthday club and I got a card and a free bag of bird seed! Nice mom and pop type of store.

Wild Birds Unlimited in Middletown, NJ


By Lauren A.

Wild Birds Unlimited is an amazing place for any Bird enthusiast. The staff are super nice, very helpful, and just want to educate anyone who is willing to listen. They have an amazing selection of bird baths, feeders, seeds, and bat houses. They will make sure you know what you want, if you don't, they'll give you ideas and suggestions, they help you with any "predator" problems, the place is just a generally great store. PROS: Quiet, Clean, Friendly, Educational CONS: None!

Wild Birds Unlimited in Pleasant Hill, CA


By smile y.

This is a great place to get some bird chow for your little feathered friends, wild OR housepet. They also have some cute windchimes, feeders, even some cute stationary! They are a little expensive but not to the point where it is outrageous. The sales people are always greeting you nicely and helping you with things. They even have some live animals on display sometimes. It is a great place to go!

Wild Birds Unlimited in Everett, MA


By Jim C.

I bought a bird feeder in there store and had a problem with it, they gave me the phone number to the factory and they are sending me a replacement part NO CHARGE...You gals are the best. Thank you again

Wild Birds Unlimited in Arlington, AL


By Jestin V.

Wild Birds Unlimited is located in the Lee-Harrison Plaza in North Arlington. They have a great selection of bird feeders and food. The staff/owner is friendly and knowledgeable. Their decorative items make cute gifts. They will give you a discount on see, if you buy in bulk.