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What Insiders are Saying about Winn-Dixie

Winn-Dixie in Providence, RI


By Andrea H.

What a great place to eat. Quality, all-beef hotdogs, with a variety of toppings and options. A summer hot-spot. Don't bother making your own-- go here.

Winn-Dixie in Longmont, CO


By Kevin H.

Efficient, high quality, professional competence -- all at a competetive sum. The crew did their job to the owner specifications on our 60 to 70 foot oaks within a remarkable period of time -- and left the grounds quite clean.

Winn-Dixie in Las Vegas, NV


By oceanaoceana o.

I called them to repair one of my locks and I am pleased with their work and prices.? Pleased.

Winn-Dixie in New York, NY


By Ari Z.

Great Service! My friend used them to assemble his furniture right after they moved my 1 bedroom apartment. He had a brand new apartment, he recently came from Delhi and I recommended Cargo Taxi as a great service provider! He is forever thankful to me now and so am I to Cargo Taxi. It was about 5 pm or so when they came to assemble, we left - came back around 8 and from the amount of boxes there was only a coffee table left! Absolutely fascinating service, makes New York a happier place to live with very nice people like these who can always give you a hand or two :)

Winn-Dixie in Wilmington, DE


By Sara I.

My former business partner made some poor decisions that left me with some problems. I retained a company that said all of the right things but did nothing at all.   Then I found IRS Attorney TaxI wish I??d found you first.  There??s no way to describe this group except THE BEST.  Everyone there is professional, and they compromised on getting results.  You were able to take a complex and messy tax situation and turn it into something I can handle with no problems!

Winn-Dixie in Mountain View, AR


By adrian a.

Scheduled a 5:45 pick up and the cabbie showed up early. Nice guy, spoke clear English, was personable, and safe driver. Planning to use again.

Winn-Dixie in Seattle, WA


By Tiia J.

We loved this tour! I think it is a fun experience for a long-time resident or for someone new to the city. We learned a lot about the area and had so much fun singing and playing the games. Highly recommended if you're having out-of-town guests.

Winn-Dixie in Gaithersburg, MD


By Michael G.

Fast, dependable, competent, and reasonable computer services by friendly people who treat you right. For what more could you ask?

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