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World Gym in Seekonk, MA


By Chris S.

Shysters - had to sign a contract to work with a trainer, and forced to continue to pay when my time with the trainer ended. Then, the contract ever-greened (renewed) without notice and was sent to collections. NEVER AGAIN

World Gym in Flushing, MI


By lars j.

Gym is the cheapest in the area but here's what you get,snotty Eastern eurotrash at Front Desk,That only are nice to BLACK MEN,SMELLS AT ALL TIMES LIKE THE BRONX ZOO,TRAINERS WHO TRAIN MOST OF THERE CLIENTS AT JUNIPER VALLEY PARK,Most people go to Gym to DRINK COFFEE AND READ MAGAZINES,Owner tells clientele that he walks with cane because of old FOOTBALL INJURY/Steroid Abuse if this is what your looking for W Gym is the place ENJOY