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What Insiders are Saying about Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab in Lawrenceville, GA


By diane s.

Driver showed up in a Paddys taxi!! whom i did the reasearch on and found out that they are more reliable and I am now calling them for all my taxi needs. This yellow cab driver (in the paddys taxi) was more than 20 minutes late and he also overcharged me!! he didnt even run the meter saying i was being ran on a special, 40 bucks for 4 miles is no special!!! watch out for this company yellow cab really let me down,

Yellow Cab in Houston, TX


By mike m.

drivers rude and very high rates > if you need a taxi i recommend calling this driver serving north houston 713-824-7482 better rates not a yellow cab this is a independent service

Yellow Cab in Las Vegas, NV


By brennan m.

the worst ever. service sucked and was un timely... the cab driver reeked of weed and whiskey... he was extremely vulger, and his car was loaded with trash. I highly recommend this company (sarcasm)....

Yellow Cab in Newport Beach, CA


By Orson W.

The BEST number to call is 714-999-9999. Their service is the best in O.C. by FAR. They are always friendly and sound like they are glad to hear from us. They have hundreds of cabs so service is pretty quick.

Yellow Cab in Elizabeth, AR


By Beth P.

I had somewhere very important to go and called for a pick-up. Dispatcher stated 15 minutes, but the cab took over 45 minutes to arrive. Dispatcher kept telling me couple more minutes "sweetheart" when I called, but it took much longer. Will NEVER use this company again!

Yellow Cab in Vineland, NJ


By Mike N.

These people are scumbags. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. The dispatcher can barely speak English, I've taken these a scumbags twice and the price was $40 then all if a sudden the try and charge $60 for the same ride and tell me I was wrong. The cars are beat pieces of crap. And the drivers also can barely speak English. DON'T USE these scam and ripoff artists!! Total scumbags!!

Yellow Cab in Washington, D.C.


By Scott S.

I called Friday afternoon, February 18th, to secure a cab for a Saturday early morning trip to the airport. On Saturday morning, when the taxi failed to arrive, I called again. And despite repeated assurances that the driver was on the way and/or near my house, he or she never arrived and I missed my flight. I actually missed the entire trip and have incurred $75 in change fees from the airline. I expected a much higher level of service from the company, and I am quite disappointed. If they had simply told me that they would be unable to deliver me to the airport or that they needed more than a day's notice, I would have made other plans. Instead, I have lost a trip that cannot be repeated and time that cannot be regained.

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