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What Insiders are Saying about Zumiez

Zumiez in St Charles, IL


By andrea s.

I go to this Zumiez a lot, it is actually a pretty nice one surprisingly, since it's in Charlestown. It's nicer than most of the other Zumiez because this one is pretty spacious, and kept well. Even though sometimes the employees sometimes keep your waiting to check out, but other than that, it's good.

Zumiez in Plano, IA


By Yogesh A.

I broke the cardinal rule of not getting the rates first. insist and I repeat INSIST on getting rates before going for shoots. Because they dont have them on their website and the they would avoid all the question regarding rates before shoot. BE VERY VERY CAUTIOUS. I have strong feeling it's definitely not worth the money. PS: The first reviewer for this buisness works as cameraman there so dont be fooled by that. PROS: you'll get your picture taken CONS: you back account will slide back past your wildest imagination

Zumiez in Freehold, NJ


By Gillian F.

Similar to the store Pac Sun, but a little smaller. Not enough women's clothing, but do have a variety of great items, lot's of great hoodies, tshirts, bags and shoes for us girls. A little expensive, but usually worth the splurge.

Zumiez in El Cajon, CA


By Kelsey V.

The people there are nice but they were overwhelming. As soon as i walked in 2 people asked if I need help they they were hoovering over me the whole time. I just wanted space. They dont have a very wide selection either.

Zumiez in Santa Clara, CA


By Jamal F.

Cool stuff for the kids. But watch out when with the kids they will want 1 of every thing. Check it out!!!

Zumiez in Tacoma, WA


By Taylor D.

zumiez is a great place for kids to go they have all skate and snowboarding things my kids love it and they always go there they always end up getting something i like too

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