8 Foods That Improve Your Memory


Do foods really affect your brain function? Many researchers say yes. In fact, there are scientific studies going on in hopes of helping to reduce Alzheimer’s disease and possibly preventing it from getting worse by eating certain foods. We hope that a cure may be found one day for this disease. Also keep in mind that natural and unprocessed foods are better for your overall health and brain function. Here are eight healthy founds that will help your improve your memory.

1. Cilantro


A scientific study was done on rats where rats were given cilantro in diets: 1 group had 5 percent of diet replaced with cilantro, the next 10 percent, another 15 percent and the last group had no cilantro in their diets. The groups that had cilantro in their diets learned a maze really well. The group with 15 percent performed the best whereas the group without cilantro at all took a bit longer. Then all groups were given an amnesia drug. The group with the highest levels of cilantro in their diet performed the maze again with virtually no memory loss. The other groups had some slight memory loss and the group without cilantro had complete memory loss. This study goes to prove that cilantro in our daily diets can help promote memory and aid in any forgetfulness. So go ahead and make a taco with some cilantro in it, your brain will thank you!