Four of the Biggest Draft Bust in the NFL

Being picked early in the draft can be like a dream come true, but for these players that dream turned into a nightmare once they stepped on the field. Here are four players that peaked in college and failed on the field.


Tim Couch

The first overall draft pick, Tim Couch was selected to build a dominant franchise for the future. There have been many that thought he suffered from years of a horrible O-Line and an even worse running game. Supporting players like Terry Kirby certainly didn’t help in the early years. While in his later years with the Browns these issues were somewhat resolved in an O-Line that was a bit better than the first ones, it was too late for Couch. Struggling with tendinitis, a broken leg in 2002 and an unsupportive fan base, he was replaced by Kelly Holcomb in 2003 (he is a whole other story).

Where is Tim Couch today?

Tim Couch has been working as a television analyst following his retirement from the NFL.