7 Must Have Back To School Trends


School is almost back in session for the 2016-2017 school year, if it hasn’t resumed by you already. And when it comes to school shopping, we often shop for new outfits to go with the new school supplies. With that being said, fashion is important to kids too. Get ready for back to school with some fun prints, denim and well put together outfits. The best motto is dress to impress. So go ahead and add a few of these hot, playful trends into your children’s closet. Your child will love you for it.

1. Denim


Denim is timeless, seamless and classic. More importantly denim and jeans go with anything.Mix graphic tees and jeans for simple, clean-cut look. Also, this school year incorporate a distressed jean jacket or new pair of overalls to give your child a fun back to school look. Denim always goes over well with kids. And yes, overalls are back in style!